What Is Scalp Micro Pigmentation? Its Pros And Cons.

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Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a procedure whereby micro dots of ink are applied to the scalp, thereby simulating the aesthetic shaven head look. This style called as pointillism or scalp camouflage is done to create depth and definition in its natural form.

It is one of the best remedy for the people who are suffering from hair loss problems, mainly who are affected by cancer, hair thinning, alopecia and other baldness issues faced by both men and women whereby medication and transplant are no longer viable options.


Unlike other centres that only applies topical anaesthetics creams that don’t work very well.  At HTS Clinic, our doctors actually give local anaesthetics blocks via micro injections that ensures total comfort during your SMP.


  • Take a bath before each treatment. This is because you can moisturize or wet your scalp only after 4 days of each sitting/appointment.
  • The duration of treatment may vary from 4 to 5 hours.
  • The number of treatments depends upon on how the scalp getting SMP. Sometimes you need a treatment for a small area but still it needs 3 to 4 appointments then only it lasts for longer time.
  • Try to avoid water related activities during the next 2 weeks after treatment
  • Avoid sunlight for first 4 days after the treatment.
  • When you are exposing to sunlight, try to use sunscreen after your final treatment. (You may wear a cap)

Lasting of SMP

Scalp Micro pigmentation seems to be semi permanent and it lasts for 7 to 8 years. After that, it may starts to fade .The color may lighten and it depends upon the skin type. For example, if your skin is dry skin, the fading may occur more quickly than normal skin.


  1. No Fake promises

Nowadays, there are more marketing for hair loss products, hair loss treatments etc, some of them are fake, they promise you that their product or treatment will makes your hair grows faster and more denser. But micro pigmentation never gives you a fake promise, because it’s different from other treatments.

  • Budget Friendly

Scalp Micro pigmentation is unique in its cost. Not like other hair transplants, it cost only half of other treatments. No need of additional money for shampoo, oil etc.

  • Quick action

The other hair transplants shows the results only after final treatment .But scalp micro pigmentation treatments shows the quick result  from the 1st treatment itself.

  • Maintenance

          Only a little maintenance is needed, no needs of expensive hair care products.

  • Looks younger

After micro pigmentation treatment, you look younger and more definitively confident than before. It helps to improve your confidence and give a good look.


  1. Pigmentation fading
  2. Need shaving
  3. Never gives a look like hair

In HTS clinic Malaysia, we provide you the best scalp micro pigmentation treatment. You can take an appointment and get our best service in an affordable price.