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Scar Aesthetics

Mending Your Scars
Scarring is a permanent condition.

A scarred skin will never fully return to its original intended physiological and anatomical origin.

The above fact is something that every person must accept and embrace when it comes to treating scars. While it may never be normal, there are however ways to improve the aesthetics of scars especially those on the scalp.

Managing and maintaining realistic expectations is paramount in the treatment of scars in aesthetics as some scars represent a cosmetic burden or an unwanted mark that patients seek to remove. 

Treating Your Scars

At HTS, our doctors will take the utmost care to get a full medical history and chronology of events that lead to your scalp scarring. We will plan a multi-disciplinary approach and provide you with a plan of treatment to optimise the out come of improving the aesthetics of your scar. A combined approach of scalp hair transplant and scalp micro-pigmentation will be used to achieve the desired scar aesthetics.
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