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Medical Tourism In Kuala Lumpur

Recognised and awarded by the International Medical Tourism Journal (IMTJ) as the Best Medical Tourism Destination for the past three (3) consecutive years 2015-2017, Malaysia has invested heavily into the health tourism infrastructure, legislation and support to emerge as consistent award winners in multiple global health tourism awards (read here). Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is an international gateway with direct flights to major cities in the world. With its ultra-modern medical infrastructure and facilities, and coupled with its population that speaks English fluently, Kuala Lumpur naturally is an ideal destination for many medical tourists who require precise communication to maximise the value of their world class high standard medical care.

Hair Transplant At The Highest Level
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At Hair Transplant Solutions (HTS) we are focused and dedicated to the needs and expectation of our clients.

Our team embody the essence of QUALITY into our clinical practice and protocols. Our clients are assured that our in-house medical team are qualified and experienced in the conduct of hair transplantation. The SAFETY of our clients are paramount and we ensure that all medical professionals are qualified and registered with the Ministry of Health.

The summer like weather found in Kuala Lumpur all year round, makes the process of hair transplant seem less like a medical procedure but more like a makeover getaway.     


Quality Standards

One of the most important factor when choosing a destination for a medical procedure is the standard of care. Malaysia is known worldwide for its quality healthcare, attracting visitors from as far as the United States, Europe, Australia and Singapore and Indonesia.

The quality of healthcare in Malaysia has been recognised with multiple awards, the most recent being named Best Country in the World for Healthcare by IL’s Global Retirement Indec for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017. Malaysia was also named Medical Travel Destination of the Year at the Medical Travel Awards for three consecutive years (2015 to 2017) by the International Medical Travel Journal.

At Hair Transplant Solutions (HTS), our medical team are highly trained and have extensive experience in hair transplantation and restoration of all hair types.  We do not compromise on the equipment, or medication, and strive to provide only high quality of service to our clients. Our proven methodology enables us to achieve high growth success of implanted follicles. We strive to provide our clients a hair transplant procedure that is of the highest standards performed by qualified and experienced doctors.  

Safety & Laws

The Malaysia Ministry of Health has set up stringent quality and safety standards for healthcare providers operating in Malaysia. The Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998 is one of the many legislation that the government has set up to ensure strict safety measures are met to safe guard all clients. 

At HTS, we take safety standards seriously. We comply with the safety and lawful standards set by the Ministry of Health and apply only the best clinical practices as set up by international body of hair restoration.

Another cornerstone of safety is communication. Our multi-lingual team at HTS practice open communication by listening and understanding your needs and we get you to participate in your hair restoration plan and journey. 


Apart from the high quality of service and stringent safety standards, getting your hair transplant done with Hair Transplant Solutions in Malaysia has the advantage of cost saving and high value (for the same high quality care in your home country). Malaysia offers nurmerous recreational options to visitors from picturesque islands, to sleepy towns, lush greenery, and natural wonders as well as bustling cities that combine history and modernity.

Getting around Malaysia is easy with direct flights into the country. Accomodation is affordable and food and shopping choices are abound. A vast majority of population speaks English and at HTS, all our team members can communicate well in English to ensure you are always made to feel right at home.

With the above, it’s clear that many of our clients have chosen to get their hair transplant done with us, combine it with a short getaway, and still save from the initial cost of transplant in their home country. Literally it is the only vacation you take that will grow your hair!!

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