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At Hair Transplant Solutions, we’re the foremost experts in hair loss and specialise in FUE hair transplants. Our team of experienced surgeons and customer care specialists understand your anxiety of hair loss and your concerns of the treatment process. We take pride in providing exceptional treatment results and outstanding service and care to all our clients. Getting a hair transplant is a huge step and we want you to feel comfortable through the whole journey, we will discuss the whole process, from before your consultation right up until the aftercare.

Before Your Consultation

HTS,Hair Transplant Malaysia

Taking the steps to decide on a hair transplant procedure is not always an easy decision to make. With so many treatments and modalities out in the market, most of our clients would have tried at least one of it and may have some success or poor outcome of hair regrowth. Hair transplants are the perfect solution for these hair loss cases whereby other modes of treatments have failed. We understand the anxiety and worry that each client carries and our ultimate aim is to calm your concerns and guide you towards the best solution in your circumstances.

Before you book a consultation it’s a great idea to have a look at our page titled RESULTS in order to determine how severe your hair loss is. Take comfort that you are not going through it alone and that we are highly trained and experienced in restoring your hair loss and confidence. Feel confident when you see the results that we deliver consistently with reference to our clients’ before-after photos. You can upload photos of your hair and we will contact you over the phone regarding a consultation and what treatment option we believe will be best for you.

HTS,Hair Transplant Malaysia
HTS offers the best Micropigmentation in KL

During The Consultation

HTS offers the best Micropigmentation in KL

One of our hair loss specialists (craftsmen) will arrange a private consultation around a time that suits you to discuss treatment options. The consultation would ideally be a person-to-person consultation with our doctors, or a video consultation. We will ask fact finding questions and would like to hear your journey thus far so that we have a better understanding of your physical hair loss and your emotional journey. We will then assess the extent of your hair loss to ensure we find the right treatment for you.

At HTS, our team hold steadfast to our principle of “Primum Non Nocere“, which is First, Do No Harm. Our team may recommend different hair loss treatment if you are not suffering from male pattern baldness or if the hair loss condition is early and does not warrant a transplant.

If your hair loss condition warrants a transplant procedure and you are ready for it, one of our surgeons will discuss the procedure with you in detail and allow time for any questions you may have. Depending on how much hair you need transplanted, the treatment can be done within one session or more. Once the consultation is over you will be booked in for your treatment.

Travelling For Your Treatment

Travelling For Your Treatment-HTS,Hair Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Journeying to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is as effortless as a leisurely stroll. Having served over 60 million passengers in 2017, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport boasts extensive global connections through a vast network of airlines. It is the hub for our flagship carrier, Malaysia Airlines, and the renowned AirAsia (acknowledged as the World’s Best Low Cost Airline), making travel to Malaysia exceptionally convenient.

Our dedicated customer care consultant can assist in coordinating limo/taxi bookings, ensuring a seamless transition from airport pickup to checking in at your designated hotel or residence. Additionally, we have secured special corporate rates with esteemed hotels such as EQ Hotel and Doubletree Hilton Kuala Lumpur.

Under our meticulous care, your journey will evoke the warmth of visiting friends or relatives rather than undertaking a medical procedure.

Travelling For Your Treatment-HTS,Hair Clinic Kuala Lumpur
HTS offers the best Beard Transplant KL

The Day of Your Treatment

HTS offers the best Beard Transplant KL

Wash your hair and take a light breakfast before coming over to the clinic. Your surgeon will reconfirm the transplant plan and hairline with you and walk you through the process of the surgery to ensure you know exactly what is going to happen. The surgical consent will then be obtained from you to ensure you understand and agree to the procedure. Your donor hair area will then be prepped and you will be shown to your treatment room.

Local anaesthetic is administered to numb the donor area to minimise any discomfort. A disposable micro-surgical punch is then used to carefully isolate each individual follicular unit and they are carefully removed and placed into a special holding solution to preserve the vitality of the follicles. Depending on the amount of follicles required for the procedure, the average extraction time ranges between 2 to 3.5 hours.

During your treatment you will be able to take breaks for water or to use the bathroom as you wish, we also provide a lunch menu for you to choose from. Our aim is to make your treatment as comfortable as possible so please do not hesitate to ask for anything.

After the lunch break, you will return to the treatment room for the implantation process. Local anaesthesia and regional anaesthetic blocks are used to prep the intended implant areas. The surgeon will then use a special implanter device to implant your follicles with high precision for density, distribution and direction so that a natural looking outcome will be achieved. The average implantation time is similar to the extraction time.

After The Treatment

HTS offers the best Hair Transplant Kuala Lumpur

Unlike the strip surgery (FUT), there is no stitches, tightness and long scars associated with the FUE procedures. In fact, all is needed after the treatment is to apply a bandage to the donor area for the first 24 hours and the donor sites have already begun to heal. The bandage can be removed after 24 hours. This rapid recovery not only minimises the discomfort after the treatment but it also reduces both physical and social down time associated with a hair transplant procedure.

HTS offers the best Hair Transplant Kuala Lumpur

Is There An Aftercare Regimen?

After your treatment your surgeon will advise you of your aftercare programme. It will include taking a 4 day course of antibiotics to protect against infection. Medication will be supplied to avoid post-operative swelling. Our aftercare package includes a special shampoo, prepared and dispensed with full instructions for you to take home.

If you have any questions regarding any of our hair loss treatments please contact us or book a consultation with one of our specialists.


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